Engage in one on one purposeful conversation specific to you. You can do this online or in person in the Edmonton, Alberta area. Sit down with Hayley and discuss why you might feel unfulfilled and how to get back to a place of passion that follows your values and gifts. We believe that as you become full yourself, you can overflow to your world around you. You are a gift to the world! 


By participating in individual coaching you will receive a program that is tailored to you and designed for you to experience deep growth.  We not only teach you about these topics, but because we think that our best learning comes from doing, we help you practice what we teach. 


You are never alone. With one on one coaching, you have your own personal coach alongside you. We will learn all of this together just as if we were sitting around the table over a piece of Apple Pie.  

Request an information call today, by filling out the form below and find out more about pulling up a chair at the table! 

"Hayley is an amazing woman who has the incredible ability to encourage you to look deep and accept what you find. She is generous with her gifts and time, compassionate with your concerns, and has an amazing way to help bring you back to the heart of the matter. Her heart is on her sleeve, she is vulnerable and genuine in her approach. Any group or program I have been involved in with Hayley has been a unique and truly blessed experience. Anyone would be lucky to have an association with her!"

Erin - Class Participant