Join our signature course, Unfulfilled to Overflowing, in person or live online.  This 8 week program will take you from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to feeling like you might just overflow. We talk about what it means to feel fulfilled, how our thinking makes a difference, the power of a decision, knowing and exercising our values, gifts and passions, learn practices for the present, as well as set a vision for your future.  We know you were meant for more and are important to the world! 


Just like in our workshops, we not only teach on these topics, but practice implementing what we learn in order to make an impactful, immediate change and results that will last a life time.  In fact, we believe this can not only change your life, but can overflow to change lives around you for generations to come. 


Of course, our commitment remains - we will learn all of this together, just as if we were sitting around the table over a piece of Apple Pie.  

Fill out our online form to request more information, or request to join us in our upcoming courses online or locally, and get ready to pull up a chair around the table! 

Upcoming Classes


Unfulfilled to Overflowing  8 Weeks  

June 2-July 21  7:00 PM MST online through Zoom - Join from anywhere!  

$197 Introductory Rate 

"Thank you, Hayley, for teaching me strategies to deal with the circumstances of life. I feel confident knowing that I have tools to use no matter what comes my way. I love that you teach from your heart and through sharing your own experiences."

                         Kim G -Class Participant