Apple Pie

Apple Pie flowed from the idea that lives could be changed through purposeful, positive conversation around a kitchen table (yes, over a piece of apple pie!).  Our philosophy hasn't changed. 


Those who feel discouraged, empty, stuck, or unsatisfied with life can gather around and learn that it doesn't need to be that way, and that in fact, it can change even now.  We believe you have much to give the world, but that personal satisfaction does not necessarily begin with doing more. It begins, rather, by discovering our values, gifts, and passions and living within our discoveries.  It begins with us becoming full, and eventually, it overflows.  


We do this through workshops, group classes, and individual coaching in person and online. Hayley is also available to teach your group, or speak at your next event.


Have a look into our programs today, and pull up a seat around the table.