About Me

Hello, it's Hayley Ferguson here, the founder of Apple Pie. Welcome to the table! 


It has been my privilege to work with children, families and individuals for over 20 years, in various fields of need and capacities.  I have spent much of this time learning about fulfillment and happiness for (and from) those I serve, as well as myself and have discovered that even through difficult circumstances, fulfillment is still possible.  I do not only possess this knowledge from an educational standpoint, but have applied it as my own life philosophy as well.


Living within this philosophy, as well as within my Christian faith, have brought me to a place of joy and fulfillment in the work I love, the seemingly mundane, and even very difficult parts of life.  It is in feeling full myself, that I have indeed found myself in a place of overflowing.  It is now my honour to pass this knowledge and practice on to others through teaching and personal coaching.  

Check out our services today and pull up your own chair at the table! 

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